A quiet little corner of the void where every little story means something to the dear creator of these worlds. Every spark of magic. Every touch of malice. Every ounce of blood shed. The Gods scream. There is no sound. THERE IS NO ALERT. THEY ARE DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.

Whisper to the void and we will speak back. We are your friend.


Void. Dorian. Chell. (They/Them | Trans Masc).

My name is Chell and I am a black trans-masc non-binary fantasy writer from Illinois. All of my writing focuses on learning new and different styles to enhance my skills as well as focusing on narrative, character development, and worldbuilding. I am constantly inspired by various types of fantasy and grimdark and always excited to test and try different genres to pour into my love of religious fantasy and grimdark by mixing it all together into an amalgamation of chaos.

In the beginning it started as a way to explore myself, and eventually stuck happily. I come fascinated with fusing my previous heavily religious background (turned into heavy religious truama) into every ounce of fantasy to make worlds feel real and with the love of working on projects centered heavy in unapologetic Black lgbt+ (achillean/mlm, diamoric, viramoric, transmlm mostly) themes that I've personally denoted as Grimcore.. What could that be, perhaps? Grimcore is the genre of Grimdark but not. As I adore darker worlds and some dead dove elements. Sometimes the world is ending, sometimes it's not. But death is always there... lurking... Trying to find a date. Alongside that, we don't care for historical accuracy here. I'm here to have fun. So, let's have fun.

What you can find here.

Welcome! This site will provide as a small corner of my portfolio and shall be updated appropriately over time... Or as I remember. Click through the links to look around. Hopefully, my works here will bring you actual curiosity to stick around. Please note that some links are sent off site (ex: my webserial, and most art pieces), however they go to safe sites.

Prose and general Fiction: Within the Writing tab on the right hand bar, you will find all my current and published works. Some are general short fiction, others are long prose that are currently being updated.
Characters: Not all, but most characters will be posted here with their profiles and information linked. If anything, some will be posted with a link to their Toyhouse. The characters linked here will usually be those tethered to heavy worlds and in-depth projects.
Art and Illustration: Definitely not everything I've created over the years, but everything I've been somewhat proud of creating. They will most likely be the splash art and covers of my projects. Sometimes side pieces from my TTRPG/Solo Campaigns.
Worldbuilding: A lot of these may be off site. Especially if main serial projects are linked. But a lot of my work will be here.


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