Welcome! This site will provide as a small corner of my portfolio and shall be updated appropriately over time... Or as I remember. Click through the links to look around. Hopefully, my works here will bring you actual curiosity to stick around. Please note that some links are sent off site (ex: my webserial, and most art pieces), however they go to safe sites.

Prose, Fanfiction and general Fiction: Within the Writing tab on the left hand bar, you will find all my current and published works. Some are general short fiction, others are long prose that are currently being updated.
Characters: Not all, but most characters will be posted here with their profiles and information linked. If anything, some will be posted with a link to their Toyhouse. The characters linked here will usually be those tethered to heavy worlds and in-depth projects.
Art and Illustration: Definitely not everything I've created over the years, but everything I've been somewhat proud of creating. They will most likely be the splash art and covers of my projects. Sometimes side pieces from my TTRPG/Solo Campaigns.
Worldbuilding: A lot of these may be off site. Especially if main serial projects are linked. But a lot of my work will be here.

Webrings and Pixel Clubs

tastes like earl grey with a splash of strawberry, but the eyes blinking back at you has you mistified... who are we again?

Transmasculine Pride Webring

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