Questions and Answers.

For every question there lies an answer only the true believers can handle.

Can I trust you, little soul?


What programs do you use?
Listed in the right hand sidebar: for digital art -

  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Procreate
  • Paint Tool Sai

  • For Writing -
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • What tablet do you use? Back when I was a youngling, it was the Wacom Bamboo Fun. It was my very first tablet, and very beginner friendly. Now, I use the Huion Pro h610 Pro and a iPad Gen 4. A grand investment.

    What brushes do you use? Usual G-Pen and basic brushes for all programs. Brushes listed after this are all CSP brushes: SOL. | Cimm. | Pencil A | Copic Texture Erase Along Edge (actually a really good eraser) // For map making: 지도 만들기 | Map Brushes

    Are you ok with people re-uploading your art? Absolutely not. My art may be hobby made and created for my worlds, but I am very much not comfortable with strangers rehosting, reposting, selling, redistributing, and/or tampering with my creations. This goes for my writing as well. If anything I create is NOT uploaded on a site I frequent on under the pesud's of BubblegumCannibal, CVNNBL/CNNBL, CannibalsandDinosaurs, CannibalWrites, or Pavus it is N O T me.

    Do you take commissions? Not for digital art, no. For writing, sometimes. I will usually post on my twitter or active social media when my commissions are open!

    Can I use your worlds or characters for rp/icons/ttrpgs? ABSOLUTELY MCFUCKING NOT. All of my worlds and characters are made very speficically for the worlds they live within. To have someone snatch that away from them is not only rude, but most of all a disgusting act of not caring of how artists curiate their work for themselves and shows what you are as a person.

  • T.O.S.

    Welcome to my general information.

  • - I do not create commissions or works for anyone under the age of 18. I will not create anything NSFW for anyone under the age of 20.

  • - If created for you, you may: save my work to your computer and share it with proper credit. i usually provide links where it is posted as well as a google drive link with a pdf.

  • - What you cannot do is: repost it to another site, alter it for any means, claim that you've created it, resell, rehost, and/or trade my work.

  • - NFT's, bitcoin, and crypto currency is not allowed as payment. You will be blocked from contact and ignored on any other attempts to obtain any commission work from me.
  • Commission Info.


  • - Commissioner acknowledges that all goods recieved will be DIGITAL only, and NOT physical.

  • - Product must be paid for before the project begins. I do take Venmo/Paypal/Cash App. I do not have apple pay or google pay.

  • - Edits are only done if typos and mistakes are spotted (for writing).

  • - As the commissioner, you are aware that projects may take anywhere between a few days to a couple weeks (for writing).

  • - Commissions are non-refundable unless I cannot process your request. Do understand that paypal/venmo may take change. I apologise for that.

  • Once sent off and posted, your pdf and document file is kept for a few days until they are deleted. Files are no longer kept after those few days.

  • - Snippets and chunks of the writing can and will be shared. But once the project comes to close to completion, I do not share bits of the work until it is posted and sent off. (for writing.)

  • - I always reserve the right to say no. Period.

  • - Even private, know that I reserve the right to include such work into my portfolio.

  • - For fanfiction and your oc's I know that I cannot reserve copyright to it's full extent, but this is my writing that I do cherish. These are products that I make for fun for others. Know that if you spoil that, you spoil it for everyone. Don't make me have to press the no fun button.
  • The Hard NO's.

    Though my work does hold hard themes, I do have hard limits.

  • - No underage/shota characters. Especially in nsfw or adult situations.

  • - No nsfw including: scat, vomit, piss, feet, or vore.

  • - Gore may not be sexual in the sense of necrophilia, or assault torture.

  • - No pedophilia, zoophilia, incest, or rap3-like situations.

  • - No hate filled content - racism, homophobia, hate speech, romanticizing of hate groups, transphobia - etc.

  • - Note that if it makes me uncomfortable, I hold the right to say NO
  • The Important stuff.

    Payments are in USD. If you need to cancel the project, please let me know. I try to stay in contact with you during the duration of the project just in order to show you what progress I've made and if I have any questions about how you feel about your characters. Most, if not all my commissions are all writing. I'm not too confident in my art to do art comissions. It's not you, it's me.