The Library.

I tell the stories of those who barely speak for themselves. I whisper their heroic upbringings to the universe so others like them can praise their names. How beautiful. How beautiful...

Read on, my curious little soul.


The world is at turmoil with itself. A Civil War so grand it has its own people doubting one another and failing to grasp at what the Gods of their people can give. People are losing faith, for good reason, but that will not be the reason they loose their nation.

But that is just the surface story. Not the one that this adventure follows.

This story follows a young Divine-- an Oracle, is what they call him. They are the ones that wield faith, no matter their level of devotion. Not counting his own waivering faith and lust for a job change.

However, that shall not stop him from forging his own story far from that of standing behind a podium and chasing a dream he craves most.

...And it involves a set of very skilled sticky fingers.

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Someone new has entered Hollowcreek. The younger folk speak of his charming smile and gentle presence, where the elders keep a strict eye on the newest member of their village... Nevertheless adding that the newcomer lives in the haunted manor crawling with that of a beast only seen by that of legend and folklore, the elder council holds no trust for that of the stranger. With all the creatures and cannibalistic beasts that thrive within their woods and, so they claim, secretly within their "peaceful" homestead, the land must made prestine... and some no-named stranger, enthralling their younglings, will not be the disruption to purge the evil from their lands.

Unfortunate that they are not prepared for what truths truly lurks in that old, dark manor.

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What you know about the Devil's grudge against the kingdom of heaven is a lie. A war among the divine and amongst their angels has been a complicated situation to control. Angels defect. Demons rise. The sinners become a problem. However, for the tale of the Star of Venus, his path sits differently. The damning grudge held by that of the Morning Star has festered into a fetid pool of bubbling hatred for eons and now he has a reason to fight back. That of the Golden Gates have opened and the so-called King-of-Kings has stepped forth into the mortal plane.

Now what a golden opprotunity blessed upon him today.

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